The retro futuristic new look of TWA (1963)

Original publication: Time Date: April 12, 1963
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Air travel’s new look

This year, more people will be flying more places than ever before — on the most powerful, most comfortable commercial jetliners ever built.

But modern jet travel is more than a fast way to get from one place to another. Passengers will enjoy a variety of welcome conveniences unheard of a few years ago, in terminals designed by the world’s master architects. Everything about air travel today is new, different, exciting. And much of the excitement is to be found on one airline.

The Trans World Flight Center in New York, a dramatic innovation in terminal architecture. The “Solari” board flashes flight information instantly to passengers, and to ticket counters by closed-circuit TV. It typifies conveniences at new TWA terminals in Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Rome. A new TWA San Francisco terminal will be completed soon.

The new airport baggage carousel & gourmet meals

“Carousel” baggage delivery saves time and trouble. Baggage comes to a revolving stage, waits for the arriving passenger.

Business travelers appreciate the extra comfort of TWA’s Royal Ambassador First Class… featuring roomy 2-2 seating, complimentary beverages, gourmet meals.

Movies will be shown in Economy Class on TWA overseas jets this year. Seats have audio installations, volume controls. Passengers use lightweight earphones and enjoy the same films shown in First Class.

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Powerful reason to fly TWA — the remarkable DynaFan engines that give TWA StarStream jets faster take-off, faster climb to smooth cruising altitudes… extra reserve power to assure schedule dependability.

Meet one of the nation’s proudest career girls. Before she serves you on TWA, she takes weeks of training in an exact replica of a jet cabin, personality and IQ tests, even courses on passenger psychology.


The 1963 TWA

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Source publication: Time

Publication date: April 12, 1963

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