Phone faster by touching buttons (1965)

Original publication: Newsweek Date: August 2, 1965
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How you’ll phone faster by touching buttons

The new Touch-Tone Bell telephone, made by Western Electric, is actually an electronic musical instrument. Each button you touch causes it to produce a different combination of musical tones. Calling by Touch-Tone phone is not only melodious, it’s faster. An average call can be completed seconds sooner than by regular dialing.

It takes 140 intricate parts, including transistors, to produce just the musical tones required in Touch-Tone service. These parts must be made and put together precisely so that every tone is always on pitch. And it must remain exact as it is carried over transmission lines to a Bell telephone company central office. There, other electronic equipment made by Western Electric must respond perfectly in order that your call can be sent on its way in seconds.

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Western Electric is producing Touch-Tone phones to meet the demand for improved communications over the next few years. Precision production on such a scale requires a special kind of manufacturing skill. For our job, too, is to keep costs down, yet maintain high standards of reliability.

In these ways we help your Bell telephone company bring you the finest in communications service at low cost.

Western Electric
Manufacturing & supply unit of the Bell System

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Source publication: Newsweek

Publication date: August 2, 1965

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