Oldsmobile’s Delmont 88 (1967)

Original publication: American Home Date: April 1967
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How does Delmont 88 deliver so many fine-car features at such a modest price?

Just beautifully.

Building cars that deliver the goods — and the goodies — comes second nature with Oldsmobile.

As evidence, the new Delmont 88. Toronado-inspired from stem to stern. Rocket-powered in two V-8 versions, 330 and 425 cubic inches. Proved Olds 88 chassis, brakes and suspension. A whole host of safety features, all standard. And, if you wish, such Olds engineering advancements as Climatic Combustion Control, UHV Transistorized Ignition System, front disc brakes — to name only a few.

Frankly, you’d never expect a car that offers as much as Delmont 88 to carry such a modest price. But there it is, in writing, right on the sticker.

There’s a Rocket for every pocket at your Olds Dealer’s One-Stop Transportation Center: 36 Toronado-inspired Oldsmobile models — with a wider range of prices, features and standard safety equipment than ever!

The Rocket Action Cars are out front again!

Oldsmobile: Engineered for excitement… Toronado-style!

Delmont 88-Oldsmobile-April-1967

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Source publication: American Home

Publication date: April 1967

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