“Indy” 500 discovers Mercury Cyclone GT (1966)

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“Indy”500 discovers Mercury Cyclone GT!

“Performance Car of the Year” Named Pace Car For Memorial Day 500

Indianapolis officials do not select their Pace Car lightly. They look to a leader like Mercury Comet, the one that’s repeatedly proved leadership. This, Comet has in spades and cubes and records — a heritage of more world records, in fact, then any other US make. Also worth noting is everything up front in our Cyclone GT. The swift, 390 4-bbl. V-8. Its heavy-duty performance handling package. Also options like Sport Shift Merc-O-Matic (the automatic that lets you shift manually, too), or 4-on-the-floor.

Want to try this big, exciting driving machine? This year “Indy” is as near as your nearby Mercury dealers.

Have you driven a Mercury Comet lately? Take a discovery ride!

“Performance Car of the Year” – Mercury Comet – Ford – Lincoln/Mercury Division

Snapshot of the car


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