Tires for the Tournament of Thrills (1957)

Date: August 1957
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Ramp-to-ramp on Super Rayon with complete safety!

Tires take the toughest torture ever devised when Tournament of Thrills drivers go rocketing through space to the “crash landing” that’s amazing crowds all over America. It’s a great performance for Super Rayon. Tournament drivers get up to 20,000 miles under these rugged, bruising conditions, on original equipment tires.

For a show that must go on… and on… these expert drivers rely on the high impact strength, safety, heat-resistance, long wear and smooth ride of new Super Rayon cord tires.

Best buy for you, too! 9 out of 10 tires on the road today are built with Super Rayon cord!


Car shown: ’57 Ford Fairlane

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Publication date: August 1957

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