It’s new! Dial your own telephone numbers (1957)

Original publication: The Mountain Democrat (Placerville, Calif.) Date: July 18, 1957
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Dial service starts Sunday, July 21

And when your new dial system goes to work, all telephone numbers change. New numbers start with the prefixes NAtional 2 and NIagara 4. We’re mailing you a folder explaining the improvements in your telephone service.

Here’s how to make the best use of your new telephone service

1. Look up the new numbers in your new directory before you call.

2. Jot down the new number so you don’t forget it while you dial.

3. Dial the complete number — the first two letters and the numeral of the prefix, then the four other figures. For example, to call NAtional 2-3104, first dial N-A-2… then 3-1-0-4.

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Direct Distance Dialing starts for NAtional 2 customers with 1- or 2-party service.

Starting Sunday, July 21, if you’re a NAtional 2 customer with one- or two-party service, you can dial most of your own long distance calls. You’ll find it’s thrilling to dial places like Sacramento, San Francisco, New York and Chicago. And it’s easy as calling your next-door neighbor. Your Direct Distance Dialing booklet tells you how to do it. You’ll want to keep the booklet for reference when you dial long distance calls.

For “Time-of-Day” just dial ROchester 7-8900 – Pacific Telephone

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Source publication: The Mountain Democrat (Placerville, Calif.)

Publication date: July 18, 1957

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