7 budget small house designs (1956)

Date: January 1956
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7 budget houses – from $6,700 to $9,700

These unique designs prove that good things still do come in small packages — that originality can make the tiniest house attractive.

Romeo and Juliet would have been right at home in this house, with its balcony bedroom and romantic exterior. It has a two story living room with stone fireplace.A stairway with wrought-iron railing leads to the bedroom, which has an adjoining dressing room and bath.

5-budget-houses-1956 (4)


Outwardly small house

Indoor and outdoor livability is built into this compact 868-square-foot, two-bedroom house.

5-budget-houses-1956 (1)


A hideaway room behind the carport

A stone wall with a two-way fireplace separates the living room and a bedroom of this cathedral-ceiling house and brings charm to both.

5-budget-houses-1956 (2)


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A “see-all” kitchen

There’s a zest to this two-bedroom design that holds special appeal for young people.

Marble-chip roof

Here’s the littlest house of the lot — only 656 in square footage — but it takes on an extra size and depth because of the long low-slung roof, with a broad overhang in the front.

5-budget-houses-1956 (3)

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Publication date: January 1956

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