Prize-winning “Own Your Home” poster (1920)

Original publication: New York Tribune Date: May 2, 1920
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Prize-winning “Own Your Home” poster

The poster competition held by the “Own Your Home” Exposition was open to all and had for its object the securing of a pictorial idea that might be used as a poster idea to generally advertise the thought “Own Your Own Home.”

The idea had to be submitted in pictorial form, but the prize was awarded regardless of the artistic presentation — the competing contributions being judged by the merit of the idea alone. The judges, CB Falls, Gifford Beals, Ray Greenleaf, Frank Alvah Parsons, J Monroe Hewlett and JH Blood, awarded the $1000 prize for the best idea submitted to Frederick J Goddard, of Washington, DC, and turned over the winning idea to Edward Penfield for execution.

Both the original and finished poster (which is rich in coloring) are now on exhibition at the “Own Your Home” Exposition, at the Grand Central Palace.

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Source publication: New York Tribune

Publication date: May 2, 1920

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