Kidney and macaroni pie recipe (1918)

Original publication: New-York Tribune Date: December 22, 1918
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Kidney and Macaroni Pie

Cut four lamb or mutton kidneys into neat squares, saute lightly in a little beef dripping and stew gently in weak stock to cover for half an hour. Also boil a quarter of a pound of macaroni (broken in short lengths) in salted water until tender, then drain, rinse in cold water and drain again.

Put a layer of the cooked macaroni in the bottom of a greased pudding dish, cover with a layer of the cooked kidneys, sprinkle lightly with salt and paprika and add a few bits of oleo.

Moisten slightly with a seasoned brown sauce made from the strained stock, thickened with a little browned flour and flavored with Worcestershire sauce to taste. Repeat the layers of macaroni, kidneys and sauce and shake a little thick tomato catsup over the last layer of sauce.

Cover over the top with crushed dried bread crumbs mixed with melted oleo, and brown for eight minutes in a hot oven.

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Source publication: New-York Tribune

Publication date: December 22, 1918

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