2 Chocolate candy recipes (1911)

Original publication: The Day Book (Chicago, Ill.) Date: December 25, 1911
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Chocolate Fudge

Boil together a cupful of sugar, 1 cup of grated chocolate, 1/2 cup of milk, 1/4 cup of molasses. Stir often and let boil until it hardens in cold water. Beat in a teaspoon of vanilla and stir well for a minute. Pour in greased pan to cool, and cut in squares while cooling.

Chocolate Creams

Beat the white of an egg light with a teaspoon of sugar, add a teaspoon of vanilla and enough confectioners’ sugar to make a mixture stiff enough to be formed. Beat very smooth, form into little balls, and spread in pan to cool. Cover with chocolate coating — this is simply melted sweetened chocolate. Each ball is dipped in this chocolate until covered, using any sharp instrument to hold creams while dipping.

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Source publication: The Day Book (Chicago, Ill.)

Publication date: December 25, 1911

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