Collectible antique kerosene lamps (1975)

Original publication: American Home Date: February 1975
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Collectible kerosene lamps

A century ago, kerosene lamps brightened the homes of America, inside and out. Besides casting a lovely warm glow, the lamps were picturesque, but simple and inexpensive to maintain. They still are. Today, examples like these, as well as modern copies, are being snapped up for their decorative charm and usefulness. – Rosemary L Klein

Collectible antique kerosene lamps

Here is a representative sampling of kerosene lamps whose popularity extended from the 1850s to the advent of electricity.

Clockwise from top right: Barn light with reflector had multiple uses, for it could hang as easily outside a front door as inside a barn; satin-glass lamp has Spanish-lace pattern; child’s tin lantern was for outdoor use; satin-glass bedroom lamp has base with teardrop pattern; small lamp with handle has opalescent base; blue blown-glass lamp boasts a fine early chimney; Rayo lamp’s shade is green glass, its base is nickel-plated brass.


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Source publication: American Home

Publication date: February 1975

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