3 country & rural home designs from 1863

Original publication: Godey's Lady's Book Date: 1863
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Rural residence 1

First story: Vestibule, sitting room, parlor, parlor, dining room, kitchen, hall, porch.

Second story: Roof, chambers, dressing room, nursery, bath.

home designs floorplans from 1863 (2)


Rural residence 2

First story: Parlor, sitting room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, washroom, porch, carriage porch, porch, washroom

Second story: Principal chamber, chamber, bath and water closet, bath, chamber, roof

home designs floorplans from 1863 (3)


Country residence

The [below] design is taken from a work published in New York by Messrs Harper & Brothers, entitled “Villas and Cottages,” and is the best work upon rural architecture yet published.

home designs floorplans from 1863 (1)

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Source publication: Godey's Lady's Book

Publication date: 1863

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